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[you feel a feeble tug and a whisper in the Firebird’s voice: please help…

if you follow, it will lead you to the Ring, which is now a pit filled with ankle-deep drifts of choking ash, mixed with fragments of black stone and shards of dead burnt wood. there is no sign of the runner or the people playing in the game.

however, there is a gigantic white egg in the middle of the ash . . . and eleven tiny, flickering, nearly insubstantial flames hovering around the edges of the pit. for now, nothing happens when you interact with the flames -- but they’re there for a reason, aren’t they?]

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[you are somewhere pitch-dark. weight presses upon you from every side: it is identifiable as dry earth. you are so cold.

you hear the voices of the people in your group above you, only a little muffled by the distance. they do not know you are here.

you need to get out. you cannot move. you need to scream. you need to tell them. your mouth is filled with earth.]

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Note: these are just the ones I remembered well enough to fish out of my email . . . it is very likely I've done others and then forgotten.

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Mar. 31st, 2014 10:24 am
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HERE IS AN OOC SIGNUP! IT WILL BE DUE IN BY MONDAY APRIL 7, 11PM EST to give us ample time to prepare the game! Fill this fine thing the heck out under your team headers (your thoughts as a player, not your character's IC answers, though your character's IC thoughts can totally inform this) if you think there is a CHANCE you can play! YOU KNOW THE DRILL

1. What is your character's deepest fear (that you'd like to play with)?
This can be something as general as "abandonment," though if you add a few details about why that is their fear it could help us out! Just something like "The spider is afraid of abandonment and commitment alike because his boyfriend left him after he lost his leg."

2. What fear do you think the characters in your team have in common?
Again, a couple of words of explanation could help here!

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You're walking on a road of brass, over a sea of white fire. You hear the cry of two strange birds on opposite sides of you: one's voice is high and resonates strangely; the other's is a low, booming note. They seem to be holding a conversation, though of course you can't understand it at all. They do not answer you if you call out -- perhaps they're too far away to hear.

At a point in the path there are three objects hung suspended in the air, at the level of your chest:

- a miniature of the golden sword; it swivels in the air as you move, the point always aimed at your heart.
- a tiny golden mirror, with no glass; it's oddly disquieting to look into the empty frame.
- a melted golden statuette; most of it is a blob, but the base is intact enough for you to make out a pair of human feet fused to a stand.

Firebird's voice comes from over your shoulder. "Once, you asked me to change my story now that I know I am trapped within it. You asked about my role and games as well . . . they have grown both easier and harder to balance alone, since my change. I do not have all the answers; it is not given to me to see so clearly within myself. Perhaps if it were, things would be different . . . but for now, if you complete these three trials, you may win free to the sight of what I am blind to, and do what you would do . . ."

Choose your order.
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When you touch Firebird's hand there's a moment of heat, so intense you know it should hurt, except there's no room to feel any pain.

You're in a round room with four windows. One is red, one blue, one yellow and one green -- none of them are the right hue to be team colours. Sunlight shines through the glass but they are opaque; you cannot see outside. The floor was clearly a mural once, in shades of red and gold, but much of the paint has been worn away to leave blank white tile.

It is very warm in here. It smells like burning wood.


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